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Face Recognition in India

Face Recognition technology has gained significant attention in India in recent years, with various government and private sector organisations implementing the technology for various purposes.

One of the main drivers of the adoption of face recognition technology in India has been the government’s push for a digital identity system. The government has implemented the use of face recognition technology in its Aadhaar biometric identification system, which serves as a proof of identity and address for over 1.4 billion citizens in India.

The government is also implementing the use of face recognition technology for law enforcement purposes, such as identifying and tracking criminals and suspects.
In the private sector, face recognition technology has been adopted for various purposes, such as enhancing security at public events and improving customer experience at retail stores.

And also, While some have raised concerns about the potential for abuse of the technology and the impact on privacy, others have pointed to the potential benefits of the technology in improving security and convenience.

We at Capulus Technologies Private Limited are following a balanced approach at deploying technology for its best use while providing features which helps not to invade privacy of non stakeholders.


Nithin Kamath

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