Efficiently resolve grievances, empower citizens, and enhance accountability with our Smart Grievance Redressal System.

The Smart Grievance Redressal System is an app-based solution designed to streamline and enhance the process of reporting and resolving grievances. It provides a user-friendly mobile application for citizens to register complaints, and a centralized web application for administrators to manage and monitor the grievances. The system is versatile and can be implemented across various sectors, including government departments, corporates, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail.

How It Works..?

Mobile Application for Citizens:

    • Easy complaint registration and tracking
    • Submission of pictures, videos, and GPS location of grievances
    • Selection of relevant department or agency
    • Detailed information about the issue
    • Real-time updates on complaint status
    • Notifications on issue resolution

Centralized Administration Web Application:

    • Overview of all received complaints
    • Tracking the progress of each complaint
    • Assignment of tasks to relevant departments/agencies
    • Generation of reports and analytics on grievance redressal performance
    • Identification of areas for improvement

The Smart Grievance Redressal System is a powerful technology solution that empowers citizens to report grievances easily, while providing administrators with a centralized platform for efficient management and monitoring. With its user-friendly interfaces and advanced features, the system brings transparency, accountability, and effective redressal to any government department, corporates, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail sectors.

Namma PWD is a “Smart Grievance Redressal System” in use which helps public to report any problems related to PWD and helps the department to actively participate in addressing the issue end-to-end by making use of I.C.T.

    Public can report their grievances such as pot holes, fallen trees etc. The report will be directly notified to the concerned officer. Phone numbers and emails of the officers will be readily available to the users in a click of the button. Users can check their report status, every update in the report will be notified to the user. These report will be managed by assigning them to the concerned officers. Every report can be smartly managed throughout the lifecycle. Once the problem is addressed and problem is solved, Assigned Officer can submit an ATR with photo and clarification which will be notified to reporter and concerned officers.

    The whole software system is designed in such a way that the officers are only assigned and notified with reports concerning to their jurisdiction only. The smart dashboard shows all the details of the report.