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Gone Are The Days When Education Was A Sheer Matter Of Books And Pens. The Face Of Education Has Now Totally Changed. Information And Communication Technology Has Given It A New Direction, A New Dimension. Learnframe Leverages ICT To Provide Comprehensive And Inclusive EdTech Solution.

A Single Unified Platform for all your edTech Needs


A complete Academic Software Suite with a wide spectrum of modules such as Student Information System, Performance Analytics, Live Online Classes, Video Courses, Knowledge Center, Discussion Forum, Online Tests and Results, Feedback System, Online Attendance,  Course Planner and Much more!

  1. Student Information System: Instant Access to Student Records

Access to complete 360-degree profile view of each individual student covering all aspects of his/her education, course accomplishment, performance and insights into administrative information.

2. Live Online Classes Module: Live Stream lectures to the students through our Virtual Class Platform

The value of online learning has come to light since the start of the pandemic in 2020. The global situation continues to change on a regular basis, and access to online education has helped students navigate all of the recent ups and downs.

Live streaming, in particular, is a very useful technology for distance learning which allows for real-time interaction and a virtual classroom-like feel.

Our Live Online Classes module provides a seamless experience to conduct classes, discussions, meetings, screen sharing and live interaction with students.

3. Digital Learning:

Online learning is becoming more and more popular. If you’re looking to provides greater accessibility and flexibility to your students, this is definitely something you should consider.

Even if online education is not the preferred option for all students, it is necessary to keep students on track when schools are closed down or it’s safer for them to learn from home. Consider implementing lectures available for playback through your collage’s LMS platform using our Digital Learning LMS, and other tools to provide greater access to education to your students.

4. Online Assessment Module: Online Tests and Exams

Our Online Assessment Module helps conduct online tests and exams seamlessly. The results of the tests can also be available online.Our online assessments module supports different types of questions such as multiple choice, code snippets, programming, diagrammatic and descriptive answers.

Our Analytics Engine performs detailed analytics on the answers which helps teachers get a clear picture of assessment, produces meaningful, actionable insights on student performance, helps provide just-in-time feedback and address student learning gaps in real time.

5. Course Planner: Automatic Lesson Planner And Lesson Plan Execution

Our Course Planner Module is designed by keeping teachers in mind and its ease of use. It makes planning & scheduling of the course curriculum intuitive and effective. It creates and organizes lesson plans, manages course content and material. A course plan can be generated automatically which helps instructors to streamline their course management and improve the overall quality of course.

6. Online Attendance System:

The core feature of an online attendance system is the ability to track attendance of both students and faculties in real time. This typically involves the teacher or instructor creating a session for each class or lecture and marking students as present or absent. It includes functionality for managing students and class information and has the ability to send notifications and alerts to students, parents, or administrators when a student is marked as absent.

7. Classes Timetable:

Timetable can be scheduled and made available to the students and faculties in their mobile app which makes it easy to manage proxy periods of teachers, which save time and efforts of administrative staff. Timetable is immediately posted to all the Students, Parents and all the respective teachers of the institute once it is being updated.

8. Offline Tests and Exams Scheduling:

Every academic institution deals with testing its students on a regular basis. Tests are many, students are plenty, matching them together is a daunting task. Using exams scheduling module all tests and exams can be scheduled and timetable will be available to the students through mobile app.

9. Digital Notice Board:

Digital notice board allows to make announcements about upcoming events, educational outcomes, students achievements and send push notifications to Students, Teachers and Parents.

10. Subjects And Syllabus Management:

Subjects and syllabus management module helps students to manage and maintain curriculum details of each classes, semesters and their complete syllabus and it also organizes and presents the curriculum and syllabus information in a clear and engaging way.

11. Events Management and Calendar:

Calendar of events in the institute can be scheduled in the software and all students can view details of events through the app. It does not matter whether you are planning for a collage fest, exhibition or any event. With this module you can easily oversee any plan changes.

12. Students Performance Analytics:

Student performance analysis module offers a comprehensive analytical package which makes more informed, timely decisions to help significantly improve performance of students in the institution. Our powerful analytics engine performs various analytics on student performance and provides useful insights.

13. Online Group Discussion Forum:

Online forum is a great place to discuss any particular topic, or get an answer of your query or even search for new prospects and it enables students and faculties to engage in fruitful discussions on various topics.

14. Knowledge Centre And Repository:

Digital repositories are modern mans solution to storing data which is either subject or institutionally focused. The  Knowledge center or repository module to access information anytime they need, all the resources, links, documents related to curriculum for overall development of students as well as faculties is provided.

15. Live College Bus Tracking:

This module provides a speedy and secure way to track the location of all college vehicles that ferry students to and from the college. Advanced Gps tracking system is provided, which allows authorities and students to view the location of the vehicles from their smartphone. This also helps administration to manage the fleet of buses.

16. Transport Management:

Transport management module helps administration to monitor, track and optimize the fuel consumption and cost of the university bus fleet. It can collect and analyze data on fuel usage and distance travelled, by monitoring fuel usage and optimizing routes, it helps to ensure that university busses are operated in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

17. Library Books Assignment:

This module is an Automated library system that handles the various functions of library it helps manage and track library books assigned to students and faculties by showing available and assigned books list.

18. To-Do List / Task Management:

Task Management / To-Do List is a feature that allows all the users to manage their tasks and assignments. It typically includes task creation, task prioritization, task deadlines and task status tracking. It helps all the users to stay organized and on top of their responsibilities, leading to better productivity and academic performance.

19. Marks And Reports Delivery Module:

Our marks and reports delivery module offers a comprehensive solution that helps schedule and send all the tests and exam results through notifications and SMS to all the respective parents and students.

20. Online Fees Payments:

Online fees payment refers to the process of paying school fees, tuition fees, and other related expenses in a convenient, secured and efficient way. It helps students and their parents to manage their educational expenses, reducing the administrative burden on schools and improving the overall experience.

21. Visitor Management:

Visitor management module is used for tracking and managing visitors, improving security, it typically involves recording the details of visitors to the institution, such as name, purpose of visit and who they are visiting. This information is used for security purpose and to ensure the safety of students, staff and the visitors.

22. Leave Management:

Leave management module refers to the process of tracking  and managing the leave requests of faculties which includes request submission, approval workflow and reporting. This also helps to improve accuracy, efficiency and transparency of leave request and approval process.

23. Cloud Based Push Notification Module:

Cloud based push notification module enables administration and faculties to send push notifications to all students regarding any announcements and events to be conducted in the institution.

24. Placements Module:

Placement module enables students to present their best self forward and helps manage list of companies which are conducting interviews and scheduling dates for the upcoming interviews, can also alert students to new job opportunities that match their profile and preferences.

25. Faculty Feedback System:

Faculty feedback system allows students to provide constructive feedback on their teachers and course. It provides insights into student perceptions and to better understand the student experience, support continuous improvement in teaching and learning, and foster a positive and supportive classroom environment.

26. Polls:

This module helps conduct polls on various topics and gather opinions from students as well as faculties with a consolidate results interface and can be used by teachers and instructors to gather feedback and assess student understanding in real-time.


LearnFrame provides a comprehensive and integrated solution for educational institutions and universities, catering to various aspects of academic management and online learning. Its modular approach allows institutions to choose the specific modules they need, ensuring flexibility and customization. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, LearnFrame empowers institutions to streamline their operations, enhance teaching and learning experiences, and improve overall educational outcomes.