Streamlined Passes for Efficient Movement

The e-Pass System is a digital platform designed to revolutionize the process of issuing and verifying passes for the movement of individuals or vehicles. By leveraging QR code technology, our application provides a secure and efficient solution for various industries, including law enforcement, forest departments, transportation departments, manufacturing companies, and event management. The system eliminates the need for physical paperwork and enables quick approval and verification of passes, reducing processing time and improving overall operational efficiency.


  • Digital Pass Generation
  • Streamlined Request and Approval Process
  • QR Code Verification
  • Customizable Pass Types
  • Real-time Monitoring and Reporting
  • Data Security and Privacy


Law Enforcement: The e-Pass System can be utilized by law enforcement agencies to manage and monitor the movement of individuals, enhancing public safety and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Forest Department: Forest departments can leverage the system to issue permits for entry into protected areas, controlling access and reducing illegal activities such as poaching and unauthorized logging.

Transportation Department: The e-Pass System can streamline the process of issuing permits for commercial vehicles, improving logistics management, and ensuring compliance with transportation regulations.

Manufacturing Companies: Manufacturers can use the system to issue visitor passes, contractor passes, and employee passes, enhancing security measures within their facilities and enabling efficient access control.

Event Management: The e-Pass System can be employed by event management companies to issue passes for attendees, staff, and vendors. This helps in managing crowd control, ensuring smooth entry, and enhancing overall event security.

The e-Pass System provides a comprehensive solution for the issuance, approval, and verification of QR code-based passes, transforming the way passes are managed across various industries. By eliminating paperwork, reducing processing time, and enhancing security, our application offers a seamless experience for both users and authorities. With customizable pass types and real-time monitoring capabilities, our system caters to the specific needs of clients, enabling efficient movement management and ensuring compliance with regulations.

April 15, 2020
Mobile Application/Web Application
Ramnagara, Chikamagluru and Mysuru District Police