February, 2021
Karnataka State FSL
Various laboratory tests forensic equipment, conceptual image

About Forensic Lab Management System (FLMS)

FLMS is an Intelligent Software backed with A.I which provides a fool-proof and auditable mechanism streamlining several processes of Forensic Evidence Analysis. The process is designed in such a way that at each stage the stake holders need to use the application in order to access information and proceed further, meanwhile the application makes sure that each and every process is audit logged and chain of custody (COC) of articles/evidences are tracked.

What's new?

To bring transparency and efficiency in the process, we joined hands with FSL, Karnataka to introduce various first of its kind features in the application such as Intelligent Random Allocation of Scientific Experts to the case, encrypted QR Code based Evidence Anonymizer, Anonymous Case Investigation, Analysis based on intelligent case prioritization, etc.,


The software provides end-to-end solution starting from registration of articles at Police Station, registration of articles at FSL inward, allocation of each article to the concerned Scientific Section or Division such as Biology, Chemistry, Fire Arms, Cyber Forensics, Questioned Document, Toxicology, Physics, DNA, Psychology & Photography, allocation of storage space in storerooms, intelligent random allocation of Scientific Experts for analysis, shared equipment allocation, generation of Scientific Analysis Reports, the flow of reports though the approval hierarchy, authenticating the Final Report, sending the Final Report to the concerned Police Station and finally sending the evidence or article with exhibits back to the concerned police station.

Article Analysis Prioritization

At the FSL Inward module, as soon as the case is registered, the application automatically prioritizes the analysis of the article based on various criteria. The application will identify special cases such as POCSO, SC/ST cases and prioritize them so that the results can be provided faster as there are shorter deadlines for the investigation of such cases. The cases flagged by higher courts for expedited investigation are also given priority by the application.

Random Allocation of Experts for Analysis

Once the cases are prioritized based on the above criteria, the application will randomly allocate the expert by taking into consideration the division to which it should be assigned, previous allocations for the experts, backlog of the cases with each expert. Until the application allocates the expert randomly, nobody will be knowing to which expert the case will be allocated.

Encrypted QR Code

With the introduction of the Encrypted QR Code System, all the evidence/articles are labeled with QR Code and are only identified only using the QR Code. Only the user with proper privileges in the application software can view the details of the case. This helps to maintain the anonymity of the evidence and case details and helps to avoid intentional tampering, altering, and corruption in the process.

Chain of Custody

The chain of custody module tracks the change of hands of each article at each stage and keeps an audit log of this information. As at each stage, QR code is scanned before operations, the complete chain of custody is visible in the application software with details like duration of custody, date and timestamp, the purpose of change of hands, etc.,