"Empowering Citizens, Securing Communities"

T he Unified Citizen Services App for Police Department is an all-inclusive mobile application designed to empower citizens by providing them with easy access to law enforcement services. The app aims to enhance public safety, facilitate communication between citizens and the police control room, and offer various features to ensure citizens’ well-being and security.

Key Features

Report Incident: Citizens can report incidents directly to the police control room through the app. This feature enables quick communication and allows citizens to provide essential information, such as the nature of the incident, location, and any accompanying evidence.

SOS: This feature helps users to send SOS messages to their trusted contacts through SMS. The trusted contacts can be anyone for example parents, friends, or relatives.

E-Lost Report: This is a convenient and efficient feature incorporated into the Unified Citizen Services App for Police Department. It simplifies the process of filing lost reports for citizens who have lost their belongings. By leveraging this feature, citizens can save time and effort while registering their lost items in a hassle-free manner.

FIR Search: The FIR search module is a useful feature that enables users to search for First Information Report (FIR) details by simply selecting the district and police station along with the FIR number. This module is designed to provide quick and easy access to FIR information.

Stolen Vehicle Search: This module allows users to search if any vehicle is reported stolen anywhere in India by entering the vehicle details like Registration Number,Engine Number, Chassis Number, and vehicle type. It is particularly useful when buying second-hand vehicles or just to verify for other reasons.

Jurisdiction Identification: With the app’s jurisdiction identification feature, citizens can easily determine the jurisdiction of their current location. This information is crucial for understanding which police department is responsible for handling their queries or reports.

Trusted Contacts: This module allows users to set up to five trusted contacts and facilitates user to notify their trusted contacts regarding emergencies through SMS.

Tenant and Domestic Help Verification: The app provides a secure platform for citizens to verify the credentials of tenants or domestic servants. This feature assists in background checks, ensuring a safer living environment for residents.

Police Stations: The app includes a built-in GPS feature that enables users to locate the nearest police station. This functionality ensures that citizens can quickly access law enforcement services when needed, especially in urgent situations.

Live Location of Trusted Contact: This feature is an invaluable tool for users seeking greater peace of mind while on the go.With the ability to access real-time location data of trusted contacts, enabled through GPS technology, users can ensure that their loved ones are safe and secure, even in unfamiliar environments. Whether it’s a child, elderly family member, or close friend, this feature provides an added layer of security and comfort in knowing that their whereabouts can be easily tracked at any given time.

Report Suspicious Vehicle: This feature is an essential tool that allows users to report any vehicle that looks suspicious or out of place. This feature is designed to ensure the safety and security of individuals by empowering them to take action when they sense danger. With this feature, users can easily and quickly report any suspicious vehicle they see, providing law enforcement agencies with valuable information that can help prevent crimes.

Alerts and Announcements: The app delivers real-time alerts and announcements from the police department, keeping citizens informed about any emergencies, safety advisories, or important notifications relevant to their area.

Emergency Contacts: All possible emergency contacts are available in one single place. This feature allows users to directly call, email or share emergency contact from the app.

Ride and Location Tracking: This feature allows the user to feed information into the app about their intended travel such as point of departure, destination, and mode of transport. Users’ live location will be shared with their trusted contacts and police during taxi rides and other transports.

Traffic Fines: KSP App provides a convenient way for paying traffic fines through the app with a seamless user experience. The traffic fine payment module is directly integrated with K2 Payment Gateway and Traffic Management Centre which enables instant settlement of fine payments.

Found Person Report: This module helps the public to report any person who seems to be a missing person and to report destitute women.

Women Safety ResourcesThis feature in the KSP application provides a comprehensive set of resources for women to ensure their safety and security in Karnataka.

Missing PersonsThis module in the KSP application provides users with access to information about missing individuals that have been published by the department. This feature allows users to search for and view details about missing persons. By making this information easily available to the public, the department can increase the likelihood of finding missing individuals.

Social Media: Citizens can stay updated with the latest news, events, and campaigns run by the police department through social media integration. This feature promotes community engagement and transparency between the police and citizens.


Timely Assistance: The app enables citizens to reach out to the police control room directly, ensuring prompt response and assistance during emergencies or incidents requiring police intervention.

Enhanced Security: By providing access to incident reporting, jurisdiction information, and the location of the nearest police station, the app empowers citizens to take control of their safety and security.

Streamlined Processes: Features like tenant and servant verification simplify background checks, reducing the risk of potential threats and criminal activities within residential areas.

Improved Communication: Citizens can stay connected with the police department through social media integration and receive alerts and announcements, fostering better communication and community engagement.

Women’s Safety Empowerment: The app’s dedicated features for women’s safety offer peace of mind and a reliable mechanism for seeking help, contributing to a safer environment for women in the community.

The Unified Citizen Services App for Police Department is a comprehensive and user-friendly application that brings the power of law enforcement to citizens’ fingertips. By providing easy access to police services, incident reporting, jurisdiction information, and many more features, the app ensures that citizens feel safer, more secure, and empowered in their daily lives.

Application is available on both Android and IOS.
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