How It Works..?

Namma PWD is a “Smart Grievance Redressal System” which helps public to report any problems related to PWD and helps the department to actively participate in addressing the issue end-to-end by making use of I.C.T.

    Public can report their grievances such as pot holes, fallen trees etc. The report will be directly notified to the concerned officer. Phone numbers and emails of the officers will be readily available to the users in a click of the button. Users can check their report status, every update in the report will be notified to the user. These report will be managed by assigning them to the concerned officers. Every report can be smartly managed throughout the lifecycle. Once the problem is addressed and problem is solved, Assigned Officer can submit an ATR with photo and clarification which will be notified to reporter and concerned officers.

    The whole software system is designed in such a way that the officers are only assigned and notified with reports concerning to their jurisdiction only. The smart dashboard shows all the details of the report.

Namma PWD: A Smart Solution for Grievance Redressal

In today’s digital age, citizens have become more tech-savvy and expect government departments to provide better and faster services. One such department is the Public Works Department (PWD), which is responsible for the construction and maintenance of public infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and buildings. However, citizens often face challenges in getting their grievances addressed by the PWD, which can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction.

          To address this issue, we have a Smart Grievance Redressal System called Namma PWD. This system makes use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) features to provide an end-to-end solution for addressing citizen grievances related to PWD infrastructure.

One of the key features of Namma PWD is the Grievance Reporting module. This allows citizens to report their grievances related to PWD infrastructure such as potholes, fallen trees, and damaged roads. The reports are directly notified to the concerned officer, who can take immediate action to resolve the issue.

Another useful feature of Namma PWD is Contact Information. Phone numbers and email IDs of the officers are readily available to the users in a click of a button. This makes it easier for citizens to reach out to the concerned officers and get their grievances addressed quickly.

Namma PWD also provides a Track Report Status module. This allows the reporter (public) to view their grievance report and track the status of the report. They will be notified with every update in the report, which helps them stay informed about the progress of their grievance.

Report Management is another important feature of Namma PWD. This allows the department to manage the reports sent by the public or officers. They can assign the report to the concerned officer and smartly manage every report throughout its lifecycle. This ensures that every grievance is addressed in a timely and efficient manner.

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