How It Works..?

COVID -19 Fine App is a mobile app based Violation Penalty System with E-Receipt generation, GPS location mapping and consolidated reports generation. Also It has feature of E-PASS verification for those who want to travel with PASS during COVID19 Pandemic.

    The software solution consists of Mobile Application and a Desktop Web Application. The Mobile Application will be installed in the mobile phones of all the authorized users and a Desktop Web Application will be used by Administrators.

    From the dashboard screen of mobile app, user can navigate to “VIOLATION PENALTY” or  ” PASS VERIFICATION”. The authorized users with the mobile app can make use of Violation Penalty feature to collect the penalty on spot by the violator. By clicking on Violation Penalty in the dashboard, new violation screen will be open, where user has to fill the form and submit an entry regarding the details of the Violation. During the submission GPS location will be automatically captured.

    Once the submission of the violation details user will get Violation submitted successful alert message with e-receipt number. The same E – Receipt of Penalty will be sent to the violator’s mobile immediately through SMS. The SMS contains the details of penalty, receipt number, type of violation  and penalty amount.

    In the violation List Page User can view the list of previously submitted violation receipts details, which contains receipt number, date of violation, name of the violator, type of violation, photo and penalty amount.

    From the dashboard user can enter to the E-pass verification page by clicking on E-pass verification option. In the e-pass verification page User need to enter PASS number and Vehicle number. These details will be searched on server to check the pass is registered on not. based on which pass is verified.

April 15, 2020
Mobile Application/Web Application
Ramnagara, Chikamagluru and Mysuru District Police