How It Works..?

The aim of the application is Smart and People friendly Policing. In which users can report any incident to the Police Control Room within a second, and the next Control Room is Alerted instantly. These report contains GPS Location, address, user details and optional Image, Video, Audio or Documents.

The other main feature of the application is SOS option, through which user can send SOS Message to their trusted contacts during emergency situation, Also app has all the police station of Karnataka with their details listed in it. Users can call, Get Directions or email them directly from the app.

Finding nearest police station is critical during emergency situation, hence our app made it easy, which shows nearest Jurisdiction on the home page of the application.

From the police perspective if they want to broadcast any information to the users, they can do it through instant notification and all the users of the district will be notified instantly. similarly through general notification all the users of KSP app can be notified.

User can view the missing persons information which has been published by the department. Also they can search for the Stolen Vehicle if any vehicle is reported stolen anywhere in India.

The advantage of our  application is it has LITE MODE, which by turning on all other features will be disabled and user can use only SOS option on the home screen of the application. The application is also available in Kannada Language which makes app to understand easily.


June 22, 2018
Mobile Application
Karnataka State Police
Application is available on both Android and IOS.
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