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KSP.AI – A pioneering move in India towards AI-Enabled Policing

Capulus Technologies’ collaboration with Karnataka State Police for KSP.AI represents a pivotal leap in Indian law enforcement. This innovative alliance introduces advanced AI solutions, showcasing a commitment to technological advancement. At its core, KSP.AI harnesses the potent GPT LLM model, empowering law enforcement with cutting-edge natural language processing capabilities. This collaboration sets a new standard, spearheading the adoption of AI tools for enhanced public safety nationwide.

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Face Recognition in India

Face Recognition technology has gained significant attention in India in recent years, with various government and private sector organisations implementing the technology for various purposes. One of the main drivers of the adoption of face recognition technology in India has been the government’s push for a digital identity system. The government has implemented the use […]

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AI based solution for COVID-19 Detection on Chest X-rays and CT Scans!

Artificial Intelligence is now used in a variety of industries, including healthcare. In the field of healthcare, it has been used to perform tasks such as testing drug interactions or estimating treatment effects using prediction and probability, extracting information from unstructured medical text using natural language processing (NLP), diabetic retinopathy, and XRay/CT scan analysis using […]