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Face Recognition in India

Face Recognition technology has gained significant attention in India in recent years, with various government and private sector organisations implementing the technology for various purposes. One of the main drivers of the adoption of face recognition technology in India has been the government’s push for a digital identity system. The government has implemented the use […]


Cyber Financial Frauds Awareness

Indian economy is moving rapidly from cash to digital transactions which is opening up several new fronts. On the other hand it is also making the country vulnerable to cyber-financial attacks. It is important to note that all day to day activities like shopping, grocery orders, bill payments etc., have shifted to digital space. To […]

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Making FSL Karnataka Smarter and Better!

We are happy and proud to implement The Forensic Science Laboratory Management System (FLMS) for Karnataka State FSL, Bangalore. In today’s criminal justice scenario, forensic investigation has assumed a crucial role. While law enforcement agencies are involved in the collection of evidence, be it physical or digital, it is forensic investigation that deals with the […]


CapulusTech & COVID19 | We’ve done our part!

Capulus Technologies is working closely with Government Agencies to help making use of smart technologies to fight this unprecedented COVID19 crisis.Tech has a history of helping the medical industry track and treat viruses. Thanks to technological advancements, that we are more equipped than any era in the history to respond to a pandemic.Government agencies and […]