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Lost something? Report to Police Online!

If you are a citizen of Karnataka, India, Now you can report any lost article online through Karnataka State Police App or through Web Portal. This module is released as an update to the already existing State Level App “Karnataka State Police Official” (android) (ios). The service was available in Bangalore only as a separate app. Now, it has been expanded to whole state. We at Capulus Technologies are happy to be technology partner for the same.



e-Lost Reports is a contact-less service initiative by Karnataka Police for citizens to easily register a lost article. Public can make use of this service to register a lost article within Karnataka State. Upon successful registration, a digitally signed acknowledgement will be generated automatically by the software which can be downloaded. The printout of it can be presented to various agencies as per the need of the user for various purposes.

The e-lost application is expected to cut down 4-lakh avoidable footfalls to police stations every year. The global pandemic too has increased thrust on use of technology to deal with the new normal.

-Praveen Sood, DGP, Karnataka


People are also not sure about where exactly they have misplaced the document or object. Lodging a complaint in such circumstances for getting a new document or to make an insurance claim can be a difficult exercise. The app is mobile phone and web based and it facilitates reporting without the need to go to a police station. One can lodge a report from anywhere and can take a printout of an automatically generated digitally signed copy.



Nithin Kamath

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