Empowering Safety through Instant Fingerprint Intelligence

The objective of the Smart Portable Fingerprint Identification Solution is to provide a convenient and efficient method for police personnel to perform instant fingerprint identification, helping them verify the criminal history of individuals. The solution aims to enhance the speed and accuracy of investigations while maintaining data security.

Features and Functionalities

Fingerprint Scanning: The mobile app will integrate with external portable fingerprint scanners to capture high-quality fingerprints.

Instant Identification: The solution will use advanced fingerprint matching algorithms to compare captured fingerprints with existing criminal records, providing instant identification results.

Real-time Results: The identification results will be displayed on the officer’s mobile phone within seconds, allowing immediate action to be taken.

Portability and Mobility: The solution can be used anywhere, enabling police officers to verify an individual’s criminal background on the spot.

Data Security: Strict data handling protocols will be implemented to ensure that fingerprints are disposed of immediately and that privacy and data protection regulations are adhered to.

Expandability: The solution can be extended to other segments such as industries, manufacturing plants, and large campuses to verify the identity of individuals within their premises.


It can also be used in other segments like Industries, Manufacturing plants, and large campuses to verify the identity of people in campus.