CapulusTech & COVID19 | We’ve done our part!

Capulus Technologies is working closely with Government Agencies to help making use of smart technologies to fight this unprecedented COVID19 crisis.
Tech has a history of helping the medical industry track and treat viruses. Thanks to technological advancements, that we are more equipped than any era in the history to respond to a pandemic.
Government agencies and first responders on the ground require precise data and positions to accurately assess the situation, pinpoint the most risky areas and carry out relief and rehabilitation efforts accordingly.
We are happy to be part of the efforts against this unprecedented health crisis by helping the govt in Analysis, Tracking and Enforcement making use of smart Tech.

Some of the initiatives in which we are contributing technology solutions includes Face Mask and Social Distance Monitoring using Surveillance cameras, Mobile App based touchless violation penalty system, COVID19 geographic spread analytics software, Social Media Awareness creatives in Kannada for Karnataka COVID19 task force.
Social Media creatives to spread awareness on COVID-19 Pandemic




Nithin Kamath

Executive Director - Capulus Technologies. Technology Enthusiast. Full Stack Web & Mobile Application Developer. Computer Science & Engineering Graduate. Oracle Certified Java Professional. VFx and Video Editor as a hobby. Always eager to implement technology solutions which makes the lives of people better. Has been part of several Smart Policing and e-governance initiatives as applications architect.