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Capulus Technologies’ KSP App: Bringing Citizens and the Police Closer for a Safer Karnataka

          The Karnataka State Police (KSP) App, developed by Capulus Technologies for Karnataka State Police as part of the Smart Policing Initiative is an innovative mobile application that is changing the way citizens interact with law enforcement agencies in the state of Karnataka. This app, which is available on both iOS and Android platforms, has made it easier for citizens to report crimes and emergencies to the police, receive real-time alerts about incidents in their locality, and access a host of other features that enhance their safety and security.


The KSP app was launched in 2018 and was developed by Capulus Technologies and launched by the Chief Minister of Karnataka, Chikmagalur-based company that specializes in developing software solutions for Law Enforcement agencies. The app was designed to help bridge the gap between the police and the public without having to physically visit a police station. 

The KSP app comes packed with a range of innovative features, all designed to help citizens stay safe and connected with the police department in Karnataka,

1. Report Incident: One of the most powerful features of the KSP app is the Report Incident feature, which allows users to report any incident to the Police Control Room within seconds. With just a few clicks on their smartphone, users can alert the Control Room instantly and provide key details about the incident, including GPS location, address, and their own personal details. They can also include an optional image, video, audio, and document evidence, which can be crucial in helping the police take swift action.

2. SOS: This feature helps users to send SOS messages to their trusted contacts through SMS. The trusted contacts can be anyone for example parents, friends, or relatives.

3. E- lost Report: E-lost report is an innovative and practical feature that has been introduced to facilitate citizens in filing lost reports for any of their lost articles. With the help of this smart and efficient tool, individuals can report the loss of their belongings directly to the concerned authorities without having to physically visit the police station or any other relevant agency and users can get an e-Signed acknowledgment for any further use like getting a duplicate sim card, duplicate document, etc. This feature enables individuals to save their time and effort and get the lost items registered in a hassle-free manner.

4. FIR Search: The FIR search module is a useful feature that enables users to search for First Information Report (FIR) details by simply selecting the district and police station along with the FIR number. This module is designed to provide quick and easy access to FIR information, which is a critical document that is filed by law enforcement authorities after receiving a complaint. With this feature, users can easily track the progress of their FIR, check the status of the investigation, and get updates on the case.

5. Stolen Vehicle Search: This module allows users to search if any vehicle is reported stolen anywhere in India by entering the vehicle details like Registration Number, Engine Number, Chassis Number, and vehicle type. It is particularly useful when buying second-hand vehicles or just to verify for other reasons.

6. Nearest & Jurisdiction Police Station: Finding the nearest police station is critical during any emergency situation. With this feature, it is displayed right in front of the user on the home page along with Jurisdiction Police Station.

7. Trusted Contacts: This module allows users to set up to five trusted contacts and facilitates user to notify their trusted contacts regarding emergencies through SMS.

8. Domestic Help Verification: This feature allows users to submit details of the person they wish to engage as domestic help, the user may provide basic information and proof of identity to police for verification. This helps police to keep a check on domestic help in households. 

9. Police Stations: With the Police Station feature, users have access to a comprehensive database of all police stations within the state, providing them with quick and easy access to important contact information. Whether it’s a phone call, directions, or email, users can easily reach out to law enforcement officials directly from the app, streamlining the process of seeking assistance in times of need.  

10. Live Location of Trusted Contact: This feature is an invaluable tool for users seeking greater peace of mind while on the go. With the ability to access real-time location data of trusted contacts, enabled through GPS technology, users can ensure that their loved ones are safe and secure, even in unfamiliar environments. Whether it’s a child, elderly family member, or close friend, this feature provides an added layer of security and comfort in knowing that their whereabouts can be easily tracked at any given time.

11. Report Suspicious Vehicle: This feature is an essential tool that allows users to report any vehicle that looks suspicious or out of place. This feature is designed to ensure the safety and security of individuals by empowering them to take action when they sense danger. With this feature, users can easily and quickly report any suspicious vehicle they see, providing law enforcement agencies with valuable information that can help prevent crimes. The feature enables users to capture the vehicle’s license plate number and provide a description of the vehicle and its occupants. By utilizing this feature, users can play an active role in keeping their community safe and secure.

12. K.S.P Fact Check: To know the truth of news circulated around the town is difficult. KSP Fast Check feature allows users to check if the articles or news circulated in any area is true or false.

13. Emergency Contacts: All possible emergency contacts are available in one single place. This feature allows users to directly call, email or share emergency contact from the app.

14. Ride and Location Tracking: This feature allows the user to feed information into the app about their intended travel such as point of departure, destination, and mode of transport. Users’ live location will be shared with their trusted contacts and police during taxi rides and other transports.

15. Traffic Fines: KSP App provides a convenient way for paying traffic fines through the app with a seamless user experience. The traffic fine payment module is directly integrated with K2 Payment Gateway and Traffic Management Centre which enables instant settlement of fine payments.

16. Tenant Verification: Many cases in which people are victims of offenses are perpetrated by criminals possessing as tenants. This module enables the public to submit their tenant details to the police for verification. This helps police to keep a check on tenants residing in cities.

17. Found Person Report: This module helps the public to report any person who seems to be a missing person and to report destitute women.

18. Women Safety Resources: This feature in the KSP application provides a comprehensive set of resources for women to ensure their safety and security in Karnataka.

 19. Instant Police Notification: This feature enables the police department to make any announcements, and inform the public about any changes in traffic plans, or bandobasts, etc., All users of the district will be notified instantly on their phone about the announcement.

20. Missing Persons: This module in the KSP application provides users with access to information about missing individuals that have been published by the department. This feature allows users to search for and view details about missing persons. By making this information easily available to the public, the department can increase the likelihood of finding missing individuals. This feature is particularly useful in cases where someone has gone missing and time is of the essence. With the “Missing Persons” module, users can quickly gather relevant information and potentially aid in the search effort.

21. Social Media: Users can access the Social Media profiles of their selected District Police Units such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. along with the Citizen Centric Portal.

The KSP app is a great initiative by the Karnataka State Police department to enhance the safety and security of citizens. The app has proven to be a helpful tool for citizens to report crimes and emergencies and has helped the police to respond quickly to incidents. The KSP app is a great example of how technology can improve public safety and is a model that other states and countries can follow.



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