Surveillance Face recognition and Mobile App

PrimaFace is an advanced AI-powered software system designed to analyze video footage from CCTV cameras, other imaging devices, or pre-recorded video inputs, as well as photographs of individuals. The system’s primary function is to extract human faces from the visual data and submit them to a sophisticated recognition model. This model is responsible for identifying the individuals present in the footage or images and comparing them to a pre-existing database for potential matches.
The intended application of this cutting-edge technology spans a variety of sectors, including surveillance, in-house security, attendance management systems, and CRM-based applications. By leveraging state-of-the-art algorithms and machine learning techniques, the system aims to provide a robust, efficient, and accurate solution to meet the growing demand for intelligent security and identification platforms

        PrimaFace is Our revolutionary software that has the potential to transform law enforcement operations by enhancing the capabilities of police departments. By harnessing the power of advanced facial recognition technology, our software can accurately identify individuals captured by public surveillance cameras who are either suspected of a crime or listed on watchlists. Instant alerts are sent to officers, providing them with real-time information regarding the presence of crime suspects or accused individuals at specific locations. This breakthrough solution significantly increases the efficiency of crime detection and shortens the time required to apprehend suspects and solve cases.

Furthermore, our cutting-edge technology extends beyond traditional surveillance systems. We have developed a Smart Face Recognition Mobile App that seamlessly integrates with our software, enabling face recognition to be performed anytime and anywhere using a smartphone camera. This mobile application empowers law enforcement personnel to conduct facial recognition checks instantly, enhancing their ability to respond swiftly and effectively to potential threats.

To ensure optimal performance, our system is designed to facilitate clear and comprehensive facial capture during camera installation. These cameras can be strategically deployed in various locations where substantial foot traffic is observed, such as bus stops, railway stations, metros, and pedestrian areas. This strategic placement ensures that individuals’ faces are captured with precision, allowing for accurate processing and identification.

Our solution revolutionizes law enforcement practices, offering a comprehensive and efficient approach to crime prevention and investigation. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology, we empower police departments to enhance their capabilities and foster safer communities.

Primaface Mobile App

      In addition to its groundbreaking software for public surveillance cameras, Primface introduces a powerful mobile application that further expands its capabilities. With the Primface Mobile App, users can perform facial recognition using photographs, allowing for quick and accurate identification of individuals. Moreover, the app provides convenient access to an enrolled person list, enabling users to easily review and manage registered individuals. Users also have the ability to add individuals to a watch list, ensuring that notifications are triggered when a person of interest appears within the view of a camera. This advanced feature enhances real-time monitoring and enables law enforcement agencies to swiftly respond to potential threats or locate specific individuals. The Primface Mobile App seamlessly integrates with the overall system, providing users with a comprehensive and intuitive tool for enhanced facial recognition and proactive surveillance.

October 9, 2017
AI-ML/Web Application