October 12, 2019
Design / Ideas
boatlog with mobile scree

What is Kadalu...?

Kadalu is a comprehensive Mobile App solution that helps in keeping track of fishing boats in the sea for Search and Rescue Operations and law enforcement.

The software solution consists of Mobile Application for authorized persons of all the fishing boats and a Web Application for authorized persons from the department. The application is a part of fisheries enforcement, but also it can be part of overall sea surveillance. The most basic function of the application would be to determine how many fishing boats are in the sea, their departures, passengers, their identification and log management details


How it Works..?

F isherman needs to enter his departure and arrival details in the application through his mobile. 

The authorized person of the fishing boat with the mobile app has to submit a departure entry regarding the details of his travel into the sea using the mobile app. such as when he departures he will enter location from where he left, with how many people and details of them also an image of him with his boat and people with whom he is departing. These entered details sent to the server.

    When the boat returns after fishing, the authorized person needs to submit a return/arrival entry for the corresponding departure entry he had submitted using the app while leaving the port. The fisherman should submit Arrival Entry as soon as he lands at the arrival point. The application automatically captures the location and timestamp of return entry and sends to the server. When this entry is submitted, the app considers his fishing journey is completed. Until then, the boat is considered to be in the sea. All these details will be monitored by fisher officer.

    The coastal officer can search/verify boat current status(departure and arrival) by entering registered boat number and can check all the details entered by the fisherman such as how many people in the boat, its traveling history.

    Using Notification any announcements can be made by Admin, such as  alert notification to officers and fishermen about cyclone and other warnings.

    The Admin who is monitoring the application through web app will be having a Dashboard which displays all the consolidated data related to the arrivals, departures, boats in the sea, number of users, day wise departures and arrivals graph etc., This gives a birds eye view of the overall system.


Application is available on Android play store.
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