How It Works..?

Face is the new identity. Our face recognition solution is strong enough to detect faces from Cameras installed for the purpose in important locations, perform recognition based on pre-fed database and link it to the person’s details. With our Face Recognition Software we are finding applications in various sectors including government, retail, transport, and offices.

    This Software is going to be a game changer for Police Department. It can identify people from Public Surveillance Cameras who are crime accused or who are in watch list. Officers will get instant alert through our software that a crime accused/suspect has been identified at a particular location. This increases the crime detection rate and the duration of time required to catch suspects and solve cases. The Police can also make use of Smart Face Recognition Mobile App which can be integrated with this to perform face recognition anywhere anytime using Smart Phone Camera.

    The setup and installation of the cameras will be done in such a way that the faces of people are clearly visible, captured and sent for processing. The cameras can be installed in any locations for surveillance and specially where the movement of people is significant such as Bus Stops, Railway Stations, Metros, Footpaths etc.,


October 9, 2017
AI-ML/Web Application