How It Works..?

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) is a technology used to automatically read vehicle number plates using ALPR Camera – ALPR Software combination and process it. ALPR is used for law enforcement purposes, including to check if a vehicle is registered or licensed, to alert when any stolen vehicle is detected, to alert when any vehicle in watch-list is found. It will use cameras specially designed and configured for Number Plate Recognition. Automatic number plate recognition also stores the images of number plates as well as the text from the license plate for searches and report generation. Historical Search can be performed on all the stored data of recognized number plates to know or generate a report of where and when the vehicle was identified.

Some of the main feature of our application are as follows.
    Live Number Plate Detection: Detection of License plate in real time from live video feed from several cameras. And results are displayed in a single unified interface.
    Number Plate & Vehicle Images: Full image of the vehicle as well as cropped license plate image will be available.
    Vehicle Recognition: Vehicle Color, Make, Model is recognized for most vehicle and is available along with the number plate data.
    Versatile Solution: The software is capable of recognizing multi-line license plates. And recognizes license plates also in low lighting conditions.
    Watch-list Alerts: The software generates an alert whenever the vehicle in the watch-list is detected in any of the connected cameras
    Extensive Search: Search based on various parameters like number plate, date-range, partial number plate, vehicle color, vehicle make, model etc.

    ALPR has wide variety of the application in various fields. It can be used as a Law Enforcement tool, Access Control, Visitor Management, Tool Booths etc.

October 9, 2017
AI-ML/Web Application