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Nithin Kamath

Co-Founder & Director

Arjun K R

Co-Founder & Director

Kishan Gowda

Co-Founder & Director

Avinash Kumar

Creative Designs Head

Muruli K R

Sales Lead


business analyst

Rashmi H N

Software Engineer

Aqeeb H J

Software Engineer

Arpitha B S

Software Engineer

Gagan M R

Graphic Designer

Deekshith K N

Software Engineer

Sushmitha C S

Front Office Executive
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Directors' Keynote

Emilia Clarke
Nithin Kamath
"Our mission is to solve problems of our clients with smart tech solutions. I really think in the end that is our job and I think it takes a special point of view. Business owners and marketers are so in tune with this idea of promoting what they do and talking about their solutions, but until a prospect or a client understands that we understand their problems that they’re trying to solve, I don’t think we can make any kind of connection to the solutions.."
Emilia Clarke
Arjun K.R
"Starting small but thinking big… that is the key to using modern technology to solve the biggest problems in modern day existence. The many opportunities provided by new technology are largely used to help solve issues that an organization or consumer is having – streamlining processes, improving efficiency, implementing new idea, use of new technology enhancing customer experience, and ultimately increasing revenue.."
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